What can employee referrals
do for me?

An Automated digital employee referral help you spend time on just those candidates that are both recommended and interested. It increases the flow of valuable and hard to find competence and allows a shorter lead-time from the initial need to employment.

irecommends recruitment system makes it simpler, fun and more motivating for employees to suggest referrals from their network.

Gamification & Employee referrals

A recruitment tool that allows employees to be rewarded for referrals and gain points towards internal competitions. This creates an environment for more and more accurate referrals from the people who best understand your company culture – your employees.

your brand

All the referrals will hear about you from someone who recommends you as an employer. Not only do you strengthen your employer brand as your vacancies are spread with the help of our platform but also that this is done with the help of a trustworthy messengers – your employees.

In addition to strengthening your brand, the employee referrals process takes on average less time and the employee stays longer.

Why employee

Think that the best recruitments have been through employee referrals

Stay longer than those employed through advertising and referrals are generally more productive

Quicker to use a referral process than advertising

Of referrals are employed compared to 1% via advertising

What makes
irecommend unique?

irecommend is unique partly due the fact that the product is automated which means that those of you who work with recruitment only spend time on candidates that are recommended but also interested. In addition, the app is super easy to use for both HR, employees and candidates.

Automation, gamification and a solution that motivates your employees to give referrals makes irecommend a powerful recruitment tool to help find the best candidates.

Soon everyone will know someone who has been recommended via irecommend

It has never been more fun and simpler to both give employee referrals or as a candidate to show interest for a role.

Interested in
trying it out?

We would love to talk employee referrals with you, either over the phone or over a coffee if you’re in the area. You can also contact us via email. You might get the answer to your questions via our FAQ.