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I have been recommended, what does this mean?
Someone who thinks that you are great has recommended you for a role at his/her company. You can see who has recommended you for specific roles and companies in the email or text message that you have received. Follow the link to read more and simply respond if you are interested.
I have been invited to join irecommend, why and what should I do?
Your employer has joined irecommed as they want to continue to recruit great colleagues as well as speeding up the process, being more accurate, at the same time as rewarding those that are good at sharing their network.

What you need to do is register via the email you recieved, then just open up the app and start giving your best referrals – so you can win prizes and rewards.
How do I proceed if I'm interested in a position I was referred to?
Click the link in either the text message or email that was sent to you. Follow the instructions and send a notice of interest with or without your LinkedIn profile – whichever suits you best. After a while, the company will contact you if you fulfill their requirements. Good luck!
Who is allowed to see if I showed interest in a position I was recommended to?
Only the individual with administrator rights (the person overseeing the recruitment at the company you were referred to) can see if you showed interest in a position. The person who made the referral is only allowed to see your progress if you gave your approval after following the link and applying. The latter is voluntary and the process is otherwise strictly confidential.
Why can’t i access the app?
In order to access the app you must:

1. Your company must be connected to irecommend (if your company is not yet connected, click on the button below and we will help you)

2. You need to register with the email you received. If you can not find it – search for ‘invite to irecommend’ and complete your registration.

3. If you’re already registered but are still unable to log in to the app, make sure that you are using the same medium (Facebook, LinkedIn or Gmail) you used when signing up.


What is irecommend?
irecommend is a unique automated digital solution for employee referrals that make recruitment cheaper, more effective and more accurate. Through irecommend, companies create opportunities for increased engagement amongst employees at the same time as reaching out to sort after candidates in a new way.
What is employee referrals?
Employee referrals is a commonly used term and is greatly increasing trend within recruitment. Instead of paying large sums of money for advertising or recruitment companies, many companies today focus on using their own employee’s networks and rewarding them for it. Today 40% of all recruitments are made through employee referrals.
Who is behind irecommend?
The HR tech company irecommend started in 2017 and provides a service/app called irecommend. The service is a web solution and recruitment application that is owned and operated by iRecommend Sweden AB.
Why employee referals?
It's cheaper, quicker, engages more people, and contributes to more accurate recruitments. Through the unique automated digital solution, irecommed has created a platform for increased involvement among employees, while companies reach out to sought after candidates in a completely new way.
Privacy Policy?
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