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Why irecommend?

irecommend is a simpler, fun and more motivating way for your employees to recommend people from their network. By using our unique automated digital solution your company will save time, money,result in better recruitments and strengthen your employer brand.
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Modern recruitment

It has never been more fun and simpler working with employee referrals – upload the role description and turn the process into a competition for your employees with our app that automates the process.

Step 1


Your vacancy is uploaded and all your employees receive a notification.

Step 2

Employee referrals

Your employees recommend people from their network.

Step 3

Referrals respond

Candidates that have been recommended respond with whether they are interested.

Step 4

New employee hired

You employ the best suited referral(s) and automatically reward your engaged employees.

  • irecommend is an incredibly smooth and modern tool that engages our employees to recommend their best contacts from their network in a fun and inclusive way! By receiving applications from those we trust the most - our employees, we ensure much higher reliability and faster recruitment processes.

    Sarah Mian HR Business Partner
  • With the help of irecommend, we further broaden our network with the ability of reaching candidates we might not otherwise have come into contact with. Because the recommendations are people we know and trust, the leads become very relevant. Having the opportunity to reach out to our talented consultants' private networks is invaluable to us.

    Victoria Gillberg CEO
  • We want to reward our employees for their commitment and for sharing their network. At the same time we want to make it simple and fun for all employees to take part - therefore we were very happy when we saw irecommends solution.

    Carin Simonson VP Recruitment and Development
  • With the help of irecommend we are entering a new era in the way that we recruit, which feels very exiting. We have recruited for roles which we otherwise would not have succeeded with if it had not been for this app, which we have irecommend and our employees to thank.

    Cecilia Fredriksson HR manager
  • Recruitment is a huge challenge in today’s digital landscape. Even for us at WGP. It is a time-consuming task which often has a low CR and a high CPA. Ideally, we want to spend our time on our clients and our employees. Through irecommends gamification inspired, simple solution we are able to engage our employees in the recruitment process. We therefore save both time and money, while rewarding our employees instead of using traditional ad platforms and expensive suppliers.

    Ella Molin Head of Paid Channels

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